About Aradhana Mukti

About Aradhana Mukti

Aradhana Chaturvedi Mukti

I am Aradhana Mukti, A travel blogger

Aradhana Mukti, is a travel blogger and photographer with a passion for exploring new destinations and capturing beautiful moments through her lens. She’s been traveling India for the past couple of years, seeking out unique experiences, and wants to share her experiences.

Whether she’s wandering through bustling city streets, soaking up the sun on a tropical beach, or hiking to a remote mountaintop, Aradhana approaches each adventure with curiosity, enthusiasm, and an eye for detail. She believes that travel is not only a way to explore the world, but also a way to discover ourselves, and she’s committed to sharing that message with her readers.

“I am a scholar. Traveling, photography, and writing are my hobbies. I have been blogging in Hindi since 2009. I traveled to many beautiful places in India, though did not have an opportunity to go abroad. I never thought about starting a travel blog, but now I want to share my experiences with new explorers.”

Aradhana Mukti

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